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Here’s How To Crush Those Excuses That Keep Us From Moving

We already know we need to get up and get active physically. Not exercising is bad for our health, and can lead to bigger problems later on. But what’s stopping us from taking that first step? Here are some of the most common excuses:


Excuse 1: “I don’t like exercising.”

The usual images of exercise are hitting the gym and lifting weights, or running on a treadmill. Those are not our only options though. Look for other enjoyable exercise activities. Group fitness classes such as Zumba, Hip-Hop, or Spinning are great outlets for exercise. Biking, jogging, swimming, or even walking are all great ways to exercise, too.


Excuse 2: “I’m too busy.”

We’re all busy, but how come some people can find the time to exercise daily? The key is time management. One simple trick? Wake up a half hour earlier every morning, and devote that time to doing your exercise routine. This gets our blood pumping and energizes us for the day, and also releases happy hormones for a better mood.


Excuse 3: “I’m too tired.”

The mind plays a big part in either motivating us to do what we need to do. So the battle really begins in our thoughts. If we do our fitness regimen in the morning, the body is still fresh and well-rested. There’s a misconception that exercise in the morning will leave us tired all day, but the opposite is actually true: it will boost our energy levels and get us ready to accomplish more.


Excuse 4: “I’m too old.”

No matter what our age, it’s never too late to make a positive change. Exercise can be customized to fit the participant’s needs, so even with physical limitations or medical conditions, getting physically active is not impossible. Of course, it’s a great idea to consult with our physician first to get advice on which exercises would be appropriate.


Excuse 5: “Exercise is too difficult.”

Easing the body into exercise is key to success, so we shouldn’t force ourselves to jump to the difficult levels right away. Start with easy movements of lower intensity, focusing on getting the body used to the activity. As your strength increases, the intensity and duration can be increased slowly.

Today’s the day to get started on a healthier version of ourselves! Crush these excuses and leave them behind as we discover what we can achieve towards optimum health.

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