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Lili Reinhart Explains Her Reasons for Taking Time Away From Twitter

Despite the fact that they seem larger-than-life and beyond our reach when their on screen, actors and actresses are still human. Yes, you may say that they live in a world different from ours, but they still face the same problems we do like pressure and stress.

Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t take this into account, and simply say whatever they want on social media simply because they think celebrities will be used to it by now.

Reinhart portrays the character Betty Cooper in Riverdale.

Lili Reinhart, one of the main stars in the mainstream hit Riverdale, announced recently that she would be taking a breather away from the social media platform Twitter. Fans were a bit boggled by this, and she only chose to explain why through a series of Instagram Stories.

Telling All

Reinhart laid out how the seemingly constant barrage of negative comments and opinions from total strangers were actually wearing her mental health down. She even said that unless you were able to experience it personally, you could never know just how she felt to have thousands spewing venomous words at her all the time.

She clarifies that she’s not doing this because of a single person’s opinion. Thousands upon thousands have been doing it, and she just wants to take a break before she snaps. In her opinion, as a whole, Twitter wasn’t good for her mental health, and wasn’t benefitting her anymore.

According to Reinhart, resting her mental health is her main reason for leaving Twitter behind for now.

She also blocks off those who would say that she couldn’t handle criticism. She says to imagine thousands of strangers sending hatful words your way all throughout the day, then ask yourself whether you might think staying on Twitter would be healthy at that point.

She even admits that she feels kind of stupid for even trying to explain the reason for her actions, but she also thinks that there’s already too much negativity and ignorance out there for her to keep her mouth shut. She admits that that’s the kind of person she is, though.

Afterwards, she also did a follow-up post saying that she had been feeling a lot of anxiety lately, and that she can’t wait to take a break and prioritize herself and her mental health for the next few weeks.

No Exceptions

If you are a bit more empathic to how these celebs feel, you might say that it’s normal for famous people to feel more than a little pressure from all of the mixed comments in social media. However, you should also keep in mind that celebrities aren’t the only ones susceptible to such things.

Even an average joe and plain jane can take a Twitter break every once in a while. This all depends on what triggers you, but even when some things aren’t necessarily directed at you, it’s normal to feel stressed from what you see online.

For example, there have been people who said that they feel stressed whenever they see too many assault headlines. This is most notably seen in victims of such attacks, and these headlines trigger their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This leads them to feel frustrated with no clear outlet for that feeling, which will end with them thinking about what happened in the past, mistakes they made, what they could have done differently, and more. None of this is helpful.

If this kind of thing happens to you, then there is no reason at all for you to keep on using social media. It doesn’t mean you have to quit altogether, although that is an option. Experts even say a two-week hiatus from your accounts can have wonderous effects on your mental health.

The Need to Recognize

For this reason, it is very important for us to know when to stop doing something if it is damaging our mental health. Unlike physical health, symptoms for our degrading mental health aren’t immediately apparent.

This is why it is up to us to keep an eye out, and be ready to say we need to stop when the time does come when it becomes too much for us to handle.

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