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Insane Actors Transformation For A Role

There was a time when film actors didn’t need to do anything more than put on heavy makeup and elaborate costumes to change themselves into different characters. As moviemaking technology has evolved, though, so have the tools at an actor’s disposal. Top stars now invest serious time, money, and calories in effectively transforming themselves for award-grabbing roles. From weight gain to weight loss, from the extreme to the subtle, here is our look at some of the most shocking transformations in cinema history.

Anne Hathaway – 25 pounds lost – Fantine in Les Misérables

Despite spending only 15 minutes on screen in Les Misérables, Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for playing 19th Century French prostitute Fantine. The strength of Hathaway’s performance was due in part to her ambitious physical changes: the actress rapidly lost 25 pounds by sticking to a meager diet of nothing but oatmeal paste. It seems unlikely that Hathaway would recommend this extreme weight loss eating plan to anyone else, though; she later reported that it took a toll on her emotional health as well and that she wasn’t in her right mind when accepting her Academy Award.

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