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Scottish Doctors May Now Prescribe Nature To Their Patients

When you’re feeling unwell, it is perfectly normal to have that desire to feel better because no one wants to get sick. If it doesn’t go away in a few days then it is always advisable to see the doctor right away. Most doctors would prescribe you some drugs or would recommend you undergoing some treatment, then again, you might be surprised if your physician actually prescribes you to go out and feel the nature as a way of your recovery. It may seem unreal but it is actually true, some doctors in Scotland may now prescribe their patients to go outdoors aside from all the drugs.

Nature Prescription From Scottish Physicians

It was on October 5 when physicians in Scotland were given the authorization when it comes to prescribing nature to their patients. It’s known to be the first of its kind in Great Britain and doctors would now be able to prescribe nature for their patients who need to lower their blood pressure, relieve anxiety, increase their positive emotions, heart disease, and other mental problems. If a physician thinks that their patients might need to find peace within themselves, the doctor would then give them a leaflet that would explain how nature could help them.

For some people, it may seem absurd, but the peaceful power of nature may actually be great for the body. Keep in mind that this is only something doctors may prescribe to help the patient, this doesn’t by any man could literally take away and get rid of someone’s illness, but this may actually help them control it, instead of the patients being controlled by their illness.

Just like people who have high blood pressure, there are so many ways their hypertension could be extremely dangerous for them and could literally kill them if it is triggered. Doctors may prescribe nature since the peaceful environment would prevent patients to get stressed out, which is one of the triggers of a heart attack.

The great thing about this is that enjoying nature as part of the treatment is absolutely free, you would not need certain drugs or medical types of equipment for this. Letting yourself accept what nature could give you is good enough, but keep in mind that it would only work if you believe it does.

How Can Nature Help The Body

Back in the day, there aren’t that many drugs to treat illnesses, which is why the current generation is indeed very lucky to have had access to advanced pieces of equipment as well as drugs to treat them. Then again, the body is technically not meant to be treated by these drugs, it just prolongs life in general but all of us will die eventually.

People forget that back in the day, fresh air could actually be a cure for a lot of people. Those who have mental illnesses will definitely find peace within themselves if they actually go somewhere where they could appreciate the beauty of nature. Mankind has forgotten that nature is so powerful that it could bring us peace, which is something that can be impossible to find.
This is one of the main reasons why doctors have finally chosen to prescribe nature to their patients. It was actually made possible by the project run by NHS Shetland and RSPB Scotland. According to their officer, Karen MacKelvie, there is actually tons of evidence on how nature could improve someone’s health both in the mind and the body.

When people say nature, they immediately think of the places on top of the mountains or the forests, that is a great example but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that complicated. A simple walk to the park after work or a morning run would be great.

Turns out that nature brings people back to the peaceful realm that has been lost for centuries, people are just way to busy with their lives that they forget to simply stop and take a breath. They forget to appreciate how wonderful and beautiful this world is, the fresh air can still be breathing in some places, there are still tons of trees. Don’t wait for nature to be completely gone to actually appreciate what it could give to you. This wouldn’t just help your mind and body, but it would also help people realize how much we need to take care of our home planet.

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