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Signs That You Need To Change Your Gym

Experts have highlighted different signs that could suggest the need to change gyms. These signs vary from a dirty environment to excessive pricing and even unsuitable classes. Some of the popular reasons include:

1. Unclean Space

It isn’t a revelation that gym contains a lot of sweaty people. However, while there are gyms where all gym members are expected to clean the equipment when they are done with its use, some gyms do not cultivate that habit. The pieces of equipment are not the only things that need cleaning in the gym. If you find hairballs lying around, grime in sinks and on showers, dust on pieces of equipment that are not in popular use, then those are signs that the gym is a dirty one. You are prone to get infected at a gym with dirty space and environment. You should, therefore, consider getting a different and neater gym.

2. They Are Stalling On Fixing Broken Equipments

When any equipment breaks, it is expected that a gym under the right management takes the measures that are necessary for fixing that types of equipment as soon as possible. If they take too long to fix a broken equipment, say weeks or even months, that could mean the gym is either apathetic towards its condition or they do not have sufficient funds to carry out such repairs. Whatever their reason may be, a failure to repair equipment is another reason for you to leave that gym.

3. The classes are not working for you

It is possible that when you newly became a member at the gym, you were okay with the instructors and the classes schedule. However, anything could have happened causing a change in instructor or swapping of your favorite class with the one you don’t even want. Consider this a great opportunity to check out the class offerings of other gyms and know if you’ll find their classes, including the timing and the type, exciting.

4. It Takes  More Than Half An Hour To Arrive The Gym

If the gym isn’t so close to your house and the commuting period takes a whole lot of time, then it may be time to say your goodbye. Based on your location, 30 minutes may be such a distance. If you live in the city, for instance, it’s advisable that you join a gym that is within fifteen minutes walking distance. A far gym makes it easy to bring up excuses when it’s dark or cold.

5. The Price Is High

A survey recently conducted by Myprotein, a fitness company, revealed that on average, Americans spend about $34,000 paying for gym memberships, workout plans or personal trainers in their lifetimes. Becca Capell, an iFit trainer, said that a sign which ought to make a person think about changing gyms is when the person begins to balance a checkbook just to afford the gym.

Although what would be considered as overpaying varies from one person to another, there are still a handful of affordable options asides the expensive ones. Capell suggests purchasing a treadmill, weights so you can build a gym at home. You can also get several fitness apps for free and these apps are challenging at every given level.

6. There Is No Community

According to Training2xl founder, Alena Luciani, if you find that you are yet to make any acquaintance within your first couple of months at the gym, you should consider a change.

Luciani continued that she works at a gym where people know each other by names. The gym doesn’t have to be so friendly, but at least within the first couple of months, small communities should have been formed by those who regularly come to the gym at a particular time.

Although having friends at the gym may not be so important to some people, but still having your own community at the gym can help with comfort and accountability.

7. Your Gym Makes Use Of Pressurizing Sales Strategies

Luciani said that it isn’t advisable to stay at a gym where it always feels like the trainers there are always measuring your BMI or trying to make you register for personal training. That is an unsupportive and body-negative environment. The chances are high that if you do not feel like you are being supported in your gym, you will easily skip workout sessions. Thus, switching gyms in such an instance is a good move.

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