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Experts Reveal the Truth Behind Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz’s Bizarre Marriage

While most of our favorite celebrity couples in the industry make a buzz on the internet with their whirlwind romances, some famous couples prefer to let their relationship stay in private. An example of this is Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden.

Did you know this famous celebrity couple has been married for more than four years already? If you don’t know it yet, the relationship experts reveal the things you need to know about their bizarre marriage.

The Private Marriage

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz started dating back in May 2014. A few months after, the couple had their intimate wedding ceremony on January 5, 2015. You might wonder why it didn’t make some noise in Hollywood when both celebrities are famous enough?

Well, it’s because their wedding ceremony coincided with other high-profile romances like Jared Leto, Alex Rodriguez, and Justin Timberlake. Despite the lack of fuss about it, the couple revealed their low-key marriage was exactly what they wanted. Aside from their private marriage, the couple also didn’t confirm their engagement.

Benji Madden is a guitarist of the renowned band

Benji Madden is a guitarist of the renowned band Good Charlotte.

Looking back to Diaz’ interview with Cosmopolitan last 2015, she only gave some subtle hints about her romance with Madden. Diaz says the key in determining if someone is the right for you are if you are on the same page as them.

According to her, your relationship will never work if you want something your partner doesn’t want, especially when it comes to your values, principles, or goals where it’s non-negotiable. Aside from that, she’s a firm believer of the right timing. She believes the right one will come for you in the right place and time, regardless if you wish for it or not.

Learned Lessons

Now that she’s living her marriage with Madden happily, she couldn’t help but look back to her past relationships. While most women feel bitter and resentment when it comes to their previous relationships, Diaz says she looks back to remind herself of the lessons she learned rather than the mistakes she committed.

Diaz said she didn't have any plans to get married anytime soon in a 2014 interview with Marie Claire.

Diaz said she didn’t have any plans to get married anytime soon in a 2014 interview with Marie Claire.

She said you needed to commit the same mistakes over and over again before you realize it and learn your lessons. Just in a way where girls tend to choose the same man again, giving them infinite chances thinking they’ll change and be different this time.

While it works in some cases, most of the time, she reveals people won’t just change willingly. Unless what they feel is real and they take the initiative to better themselves. This goes both ways as she didn’t see herself marrying any time soon back then. Until she found Madden.

The Change

You might be wondering what’s in Madden that changed Diaz’ prospect of marriage? It turns out Madden didn’t contribute a major factor in changing her mind, but it was Diaz herself. Diaz revealed how she felt the need to seek for something to make herself whole.

She never made herself a whole when she was looking for an ideal boyfriend. However, it was different when she started looking for husband material. Diaz said she learned the difference between a boyfriend and a husband when she dated Madden.

Diaz revealed Madden didn't limit her roles as a woman in their relationship, but he treated her as an equal.

Diaz revealed Madden didn’t limit her roles as a woman in their relationship, but he treated her as an equal.

According to her, Madden became her partner not just in romance but also in life and everything they do. While both parties are different from each other, they share common values and principles – which makes their relationship harmonious.

Diaz also said she didn’t just find the love of her life when she married Madden. She also found a close-knit family who relies on each other. She said she didn’t have a hard time adjusting to Madden’s family since they made her feel as if she belongs. Their family also serves as her support system.

An Extraordinary Love

Diaz says marrying Madden was the best decision she made in her life. She never experienced this kind of love before, and she’s glad she waited for the right time for this to come. Now, she looks at him, and he continues inspiring her day by day.

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