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Hailee Steinfeld Reveals Her Secret in Getting a Fitter, Leaner, and Toner Body!

If anyone’s got those perfect and gorgeous toned arms, legs, and fantastic abs, it’d be Hailee Steinfeld. She always steals the crowd’s attention with her show-stopper dress and how she slayed it by walking and flaunting her healthy and fit body. What could be her secret in achieving a leaner body? Let’s read and find out.

Staying Cool and Refreshed During Summer

You might be wondering how Hailee manages to look positively young and glowing despite her traveling the world promoting Pitch Perfect as well as her other showbiz engagements. She keeps her skin cool and refreshed despite being exposed to the sun’s scrutinizing heat. Hailee reveals she’s using Mission’s cooling towels to keep her skin hydrated and glowing.

Ever since she came across these towels in one of her dancing rehearsals, she now takes it on the road with her. The cooling towels help in balancing her and her dancer’s temperature when it’s hot outside. Aside from that, she also loves taking long baths, drinking lots of water, or swimming to fight off the heat.

Working Out

Hailee also reveals she thanks her great daddy for maintaining her toned arms, legs, and abs. According to her, she never fails to allocate her extra time to work out. Thanks to her father designing her workout regimen, she can take any resources available in her surroundings to exercise.

For example, she may take 15 minutes of walking or running to do some cardio after her work. If she has access to a gym, she’ll do some exercises on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical.

She recommends doing an activity that you enjoy to embrace the goodness of working out.

She recommends doing an activity that you enjoy to embrace the goodness of working out.

If she’s not busy, she opts to do kickboxing and circuit training. Most of all, she treats her workout routine not just as a form of exercise to maintain a fitter body. She also treats exercise as her form of stress relief. She can just plug her headphones in and separate herself from everything for a little while. Her workout routine serves as her safe zone to unwind and relax.

Practice Self-Care

Hailee also believes a candle can do wonders to our body and mind. That’s why she makes sure her room and bathroom is filled with scented candles, and essential oils to help further relax. Gazing at a couple of pictures, she took together with her family and friends.

This helps her feel inspired and motivated to keep moving forward. Aside from that, she makes sure to have some alone time to take things slow and recollect herself. It may be as simple as walking in the park, taking a power nap to shut down for a while, or reading a book to get lost in another fictional world.

If she’s traveling, she takes time touring around the city and exploring the beauty and grandeur the new place can offer her.

Beware of Your Eating Habits.

While Hailee says she doesn’t stick to a particular or specific kind of food, she sees to it that she only eats in moderation. Most of the time, she eats clean, simple, and healthy foods. If she feels like indulging herself, she eats her favorite comfort food in small portions.

She also says it works better for her to keep small meals throughout the course of the day to revitalize her energy. Hailee says there’s no need to deprive yourself of eating the food you want or love. You only need to keep your diet well-balanced to truly enjoy food without going overboard.

Dealing with Bashers and Haters

Since she’s a public figure, Hailee admits she’s exposed to criticisms and scrutiny. There’ll be times she gets knocked down by some rude and nasty comments. However, she realizes people will always have opinions or something to say about you no matter how hard you try to please everyone.

Hailee reminds herself to respect other people's comments while minding her own business.

Hailee reminds herself to respect other people’s comments while minding her own business.

That’s why she settles down with the idea of accepting herself and the people around her. She focuses on what makes her happy by doing the things she loves and taking care of those people who love and support her.

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