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Most Products Claim to Erase Stretch Marks and Cellulite, But They Are Ineffective: Here’s What Will Work

Many people see stretch marks and cellulite as imperfections and undesirable, so they resort to miracle products that promise to erase them. But little did these consumers know that they are simply wasting their money, not because these things don’t have an effect on the skin but rather they vow the impossible.

Dermatologist Stacy Chimento explained that these beauty products oftentimes promise to “cure” or totally erase stretch marks and cellulite but it would be impossible to do that. These skin conditions are a result of genetics and because these form from under the skin, anything that can be applied or topical would render ineffective.

How Are These Skin Conditions Formed?

From the name itself, stretch marks, which are sometimes called tiger stripes, happen when your body stretches rapidly during pregnancy, weight gain or puberty. This is why you often see them in places that you noticed to be growing, including thighs, arms, belly, etc.

What occurs is that due to quick body growth, the inner layer of the skin tears. The layer underneath will try to fill in the gaps, hence, the stretch marks.

PH888/Shutterstock — Pregnant women are likely to see stretch marks in their stomach

Meanwhile, cellulite, or sometimes called body dimples, appears when the body fat and connective tissue, which contains fiber to hold the fats, get tangled underneath the surface of the skin. This results in a sort of a dimpled look.

Other Factors to Consider

These skin conditions may not be naturally occurring but there are some factors that can contribute to it. The dermatologist said that those who consume more salt and carbs but less fiber are likely to get cellulites because this eating habit usually leads to bloating.

MrDDK/Shutterstock — Obese people are more likely to form stretch marks

Smokers as well as inactive people are also more likely to see cellulite rather than a person who exercises regularly and doesn’t smoke. As for stretch marks, those who are overweight and obese have a high chance of forming the skin condition.

What Does Work?

While there are tons of ineffective products in the market, those items with retinol and caffeine can result in a smoother skin. In short, you can only reduce the appearance of these skin conditions but not fully erase them.

Dimid_86/Shutterstock — Retinol may lighten cellulite

Retinol, the potent form of Vitamin A, can thicken and strengthen the skin, making cellulite less visible. Caffeine, on the other hand, has antioxidant properties which can tighten skin when used daily as well as reduce swelling.

Then, there are also minimally invasive procedures, like the microdermabrasion, wherein the dermatologist sort of sands away the topmost layer of the skin. After which, chemical peels and laser therapy will make them less visible.


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