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Health Experts Recommend Staying Away From Bacon And Liquor For Cancer-Free Lifeguard

There was a bad news for bacon and booze lovers as The World Cancer Research Fund stated to stay away from these foods for a cancer-free life. In the research report, WCRF said that less use of alcohol and meat can lessen the risk of developing cancer. It was the third report made by WCRF in which the company has warned people about the food items which cause cancer.

In the report, several food recommendations were provided to the people looking to avoid the fatal disease. And among those recommendations, two food items topped the list – processed meat and alcohol. WCRF said that people should totally cut off the consumption of every sort of processed meat like hot dogs, salami, and bacon. It was further stated in the research that processed meat contributes to the development of colorectal cancer.

Processed meat is the worst food for people suffering from cancer.

The awareness company said that unprocessed red meat like lamb and pork also contributes to the development of cancer but its shreds of evidence are not as strong as it were for the processed meat. However, these food products do provide vitamins and proteins, WCRF says. The company recommends eating only three portions of unprocessed red meat weekly and very little processed meat.

The second food item that came under the scrutiny of the organization was alcohol. The report suggested that there was strong evidence that alcohol also contributes to the development of cancer. However, in some cases, booze protects the human body against kidney cancer but in most of the cases, the drink was found responsible for producing breast, throat, stomach, mouth and liver cancer.

Even small portions of Alcohol can cause cancer, WCRF reports.

According to a research, drinking moderate alcohol like a glass per day for women and two for men, improve the health of the heart and lengthens the lifespan. Regardless of these researches, WCRF recommends not to drink alcohol to avoid developing cancer.

The report of the health organization also recommends individuals to stay physically fit and maintain the body weight. The report asked people to eat grains and beans and at the same time reduce intake of processed foods and sugary drinks. The WCRF report states that in most of the cases processed foods and drinks add to the risk of body cancer instead of lowering the risk. For the mothers, the report recommends breastfeeding their children as according to research it lowers chances of cancer.

Fat will overcome smoking as the leading cause of cancer in next 20 years, WCRF says

The report was the third precautionary report of WCRF and was published last month. It was published in Vienna during a European Congress. The first report was published in 1997 and then followed by 2007 report. WCRF cancer analysis is the biggest cancer analysis covering almost 51 million people and more than 3 million of them are diagnosed with cancer.

Use of alcohol is highly prohibited according to the report as it said that even minor amount of drink can cause cancer. While discussing the report, the research director of WCRF Dr. Giota Mitou said that it is the first time that they are making a prediction on sugar-sweetened drinks and their research says to avoid sugary drinks and increase the use of unsweetened drinks and water.

Mitou further said that when the company talks about avoiding cancer, it means to follow a healthy lifestyle package. People should follow as many food recommendations as they possibly can to avoid developing cancer, the director said. He said that according to him, the best advice he can give is to cut off the use of processed meat totally.

WCRF says to abandon sugar-sweetened drinks to avoid cancer.

The recommendations made by the company provide a blueprint for beating cancer as their recommendations have proved right from the past decades, he added. According to the report, in the next 20 years, fat will overcome smoking as the leading cause of cancer. Womb, breast and bowel cancer can be tackled by staying fit, the report says. Being overweight causes every type of cancer and exercise prevents people from gaining weight. It was also recommended in the report that families should spend less time watching screens and move out of the homes to walk regularly.

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