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Most Expensive Celeb Items Ever Auctioned – Your Personal Finance Manger Will Stop You From Buying Even A Single Item

Today, we present you some of the most expensive celebrity memorabilia that only those with deep pockets and loaded bank accounts can afford. There are many celebrities who have influenced and left they mark all over the Hollywood industry, so there is no wonder why many people spend a fortune on having some things that had been owned and touched by our beloved celebs. Here, you’ll see some of the most extravagantly priced memorabilia which were sold at auction. Perhaps had to resort to a bank loan or borrow from their credit card to afford something such items. Just how much are fans prepared to pay celebrity stuff? Check it out.

Superman Costume – Original Superman Movie – $115,000

One of the most expensive pieces of collectibles of all time is definitely the suit of the Man of Steel or Superman,  worn by the late actor Christopher Reeve in the original Superman movie released in 1978. When the costume was auctioned off ten years ago, many people thought about investing money from their saving account to have this piece of history in their home. The costume was sold for a staggering  $115,000 to some very lucky man

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