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Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories You Will Find Very Inspiring

It is no joke to lose weight – this much everyone knows. Celebrities in particular, however, with the spotlight on them consistently, find that it is much much more important to stay in shape. While everyone knows weight must be lost, not everyone knows the answer to the question of exactly how.

Celebs that put on a few extra pounds must spend on trainers, private gyms, and diets custom-built for them. Shedding the fat and losing the inches may seem doable with all that help, but it is no less challenging. Of course, with their wealth, they can opt for various procedures as well. And, some of those have some pretty spectacular results, as you’ll find out by checking out this slideshow!

Melissa McCarthy – 75 pounds: Healthy Diet & Exercise

Melissa McCarthy is yet another funny actress on this list who has shown great improvement in her weight in more recent years. The weight-loss method that worked wonders for McCarthy was a low carb diet.

She reportedly lost a whopping 75 pounds because of it. On top of that, she also had to do consistent strength and cardio training. She apparently worked out every single day. McCarthy is still very busy in the acting scene these days and she is set to star in two new movies titled Superintelligence and The Kitchen.

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