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These Unbelievable Expensive Transformations Will Make You Blink Twice

We often fantasize about the flamboyant lifestyle of celebrities who have tons of money to splurge on any possible luxury that is available on the planet. Do you think they spend millions only on houses and cars? In that case, you have just signed up for some shocking revelations about their extravagant cosmetic surgery bills.

The fear of losing those striking good looks with age or just an urge to have the perfect features leads these stars to go under the knife and believe it or not: some of them can even make a Guinness record for the number of times they did something to their bodies. Here’s the proof!

Anna Kendrick – Nose Job & Breast Implantation

Anna Kendrick already began a career in acting while she was just 12, and as opportunities kept on coming her away, it didn’t take her long to become a star in Hollywood. Although it’s a known fact that everybody undergoes physical changes while growing up, the difference in Anna’s appearance surely hints about having gone through cosmetic moderations.

It is rumored that the actress has had breast implantation to enhance her looks, and if you notice her nose, you would instantly notice that it has become much thinner than before which doesn’t seem to be just a result of contouring.

Cher – Botox, Chest Enhancement, And Rhinoplasties ($750,000)

When it comes to counting the names, who made commendable contributions to the world of pop music, Cher’s position is surely among the top ones. Alongside singing, the famous star also got the opportunity to explore the area of acting, thanks to an attractive personality.

If you compare her present appearance with that of her earlier ones, you are most likely to notice a radical change and all that is because of the expensive cosmetic treatments she has undergone over the years. Eyelid alterations, Botox injections, chest enhancement, and rhinoplasties are some of the procedures for which Cher delightfully spent around $750K in total.

Lara Flynn Boyle – Lip Augmentation, Rhinoplasty & Facial Fillers

Wondering if this is the same person on either side of the image? We don’t blame your thought as Lara Flynn Boyle’s transformation is rather a shocking one. During the days she portrayed Donna Hayward in the horror series Twin Peaks, Lara looked completely different from now.

A few years back, the actress decided to splurge thousands of dollars on lip augmentation, facial fillers, brow lift, and rhinoplasty, which brought a substantial change in the way she looked. Possibly, the star might not have expected the results to be so different from what she wanted, and that’s why she went on to invest in the cosmetic procedures.

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