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Celebrity Kids Who Are Clones Of Their Parents- Don’t Get Confused When You See Them Next To Each Other

Maggie Sajak & Pat Sajak

Sajak is a famous last name, and Maggie is certainly lucky to be known as the daughter of the popular news reporter and game show host, our very own Pat Sajak.

That said, the beautiful offspring of the TV personality who carries a striking similitude with her loving father is a very talented person and has already started impressing the audiences as a country singer. Apart from being the spitting image of her daddy dear, she shares a close relationship with him, and we are not really surprised at it because that’s how a father-daughter bond goes, right?

Brianna Blosil, Daughter Of Marie Osmond


The most beautiful member of the Osmond family, Marie Osmond’s good looks are definitely to die for. Who would believe that she is a grandmother now? The singer-actress has a big family of seven kids out of which five are adopted, including her look-alike daughter Brianna.

It’s absolutely amazing how she appears to be a mini-me version of her mom even though she was given birth by someone else. That might be a coincidence but a pleasant one for sure. Anybody would love to look like Marie, but seemingly, only Brianna had that luck!

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