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Celebrity Kids And Their Parents At The Same Age

 Raine Michaels, Daughter of Bret Michaels

Raine Michaels is the eldest daughter of Poison band’s lead singer Bret Michaels. Just like her father, she is slowly establishing a career in front of the cameras. At 19, Raine is a professional model, with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit being the latest addition to her portfolioThe upcoming star juggles her modeling gigs with attending music school in Belmont.

Striking looks and long blonde hair prove that Raine is indeed her daddy’s girl. Bret has rocked crowds since the 80s and as expected, he is super supportive of his daughter’s career. With her talents, we are sure that she will make it big in the industry!

She’s a famous pop star and actress, but her young daughter’s already an author.   

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