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Celebrities Who Got Married Super Secretly: See Who Had To Seek Marriage Counselling For Improved Understanding

It’s hard to believe that some celebrities choose a more intimate wedding. With all the exposure and publicity they receive, you would think their weddings would have to be broadcast to the world! Apparently, many of them opt for a secret wedding, and it’s not easy, especially for A-listers who get followed 24/7.

Some are quite good at keeping things under wraps that you have to check their finger for that wedding band to see if they really got married. We’ve summed up the most clever and private couples who managed to do away with the usual stressful expectations of putting on that lacy dress, makeup, and hairstyles and sneak out to get hitched – unnoticed.

 Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin, 2018

Ever since they started getting spotted together, it looked like Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin had been playing hide and seek with the fans who couldn’t get a clear picture of their relationship – until the duo got engaged in 2018.

What shocked everyone, even more, was their quick move to tie the knot only two months later. Keeping the affair extremely private, the couple opted for a court marriage followed by a small family ceremony. Many had doubts about their stability, but opposite to that, Justin and Hailey have maintained a strong bond so far. The future will tell the rest!

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