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27 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans And Surprised Them With Awesome Engagement Gifts

Fans will always treasure the fact they got hitched to their favorite person, and their joy just gets doubled when they receive engagement gifts from their favorite stars. Whether actors, singers, athletes, political leaders or any celeb figure, spouses of these famous individuals feel special simply because of finding their better halves in people who they adored. And talking about the celebs, they must also be enjoying the admiration and attention they get from their partners. After all, who doesn’t want a spouse who would be smitten by him or her? But that’s not always the case. Here’s taking a look at some such celebs who must have had a blissful marital life with their fans (or maybe not).

Matt Damon Met Bartender Luciana Barroso During the Filming of ‘Stuck on You’

Film actor, producer, screenwriter- all rolled in one! Matt is a talented person who met bartender Luciana Barroso, from Miami at a time when he was busy with his film ‘Stuck on You’. Needless to say, the film did a great job of keeping the pair since then. In the 12 years of their marriage, the duo indeed had some happy memories. Since they mostly fly under the radar, we don’t know much about who all got their engagement invitations. Their four children stand testimony to the love they have for each other. God bless!

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