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Here’s Why Golden Age Star Doris Day Will Not Be Having Any Funeral

Doris Day, an unforgettable actress of the classic Hollywood cinema, just departed for heavenly abode leaving the film industry in a deep state of grief. The musical star who began her acting journey with Romance on the High Seas had turned 97 just a month before her demise.

Unlike others, the artist had a unique wish to be fulfilled after her death – she didn’t want any funeral, memorial or even grave marker. That’s right, the golden age star never liked death. Well, deep inside, nobody ever likes to die, but in Doris’ case, she always had difficulty in accepting the unpleasant reality that each and every life has to end one day.

Being an animal welfare activist for many years, she had several pet dogs who were as important to her as any other close family member. In her last days, every time her manager Bob Bashara would mention the dogs, she would just tell him to look after them. Even the thought of their death was bothersome for Doris.

A touching aspect of the celebrity’s life was that her star status never affected the way she was in real life. Despite being popular and successful, she remained the Cincinnati girl at heart who possessed an impeccable talent and entertained the world with her magical performances. In fact, she always found it hard to understand why people loved her so much. Though, she was always grateful for the affection that her fans expressed through their letters.

According to her will, Doris’ possessions will be donated to her charity organization, Doris Day Animal Foundation, as she always wanted it to keep going. It was all because of her strong love and concern for animals that the foundation has been running since 1978. Even if she has now bid a final adieu to the world, her works as an artist, as well as an activist, will always be alive in the hearts of cinema lovers.

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