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Tick Tock! You Can Reverse Your Heart’s Age, Experts Say

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous American poet is famed for his magnanimous contributions to the literary field. In one of his quotes, he alludes to age as being inconsequential; the best of tunes are after all played on the oldest of fiddles.

Indeed, with age, comes a ton of experience. In living, we get to discover the very purpose that we are here on this earth. The longer we live, the better we get at living. The more, the merrier.

While long life is something to be desired by most, a worrying new trend has recently emerged. In the US, the CDC reports that every 1 in 4 deaths is caused by cardiovascular disease complications. On average, 610,000 people succumb to heart disease. That in itself is a very worrying statistics.

Heart Diseases is the leading cause of deaths in the US

Age brings with it a whole lot of heart-related maladies due to the thickening of the vessels around it. It’s a natural process that is impossible to undo due to the natural progression of life from childhood to adulthood. While the statistics released by the CDC are a bit worrying, especially among the older generations, it comes with the territory.

The Good News

We can effectively turn back the clock once we start exercising in good time. As with almost everything else, timing is of the essence. A little bit too late in starting may mean it’s impossible to undo the course of nature. The good news is that one does not need to be as a fiddle millennial in order to benefit. Turning our lives around is still possible even in our 40s and 50s.

Research done by the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center recently led to new findings about the heart. The heart functions akin to a rubber band. At a young age, it is soft and flexible. With the passing of time and the onset of old age, it begins to become dry and brittle. Once calcification intensifies, one begins to suffer the effects of fatigue and breathlessness. These are usually the telltale signs of heart failure. An indication that the heart is no longer able to pump blood to and from the lungs and body.


A good cardio routine can help increase energy, improve sleeping quality, lower weight, and control blood pressure. All these are qualities necessary for stable heart functioning.

Heart Disease Symptoms include: chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and pain in the neck, back, jaw throat, and upper abdomen

Even with that said, it doesn’t translate to one having to become a gym maniac. Not at all. All one needs to ensure good health is at least 20-60 minutes of all-round body exercise. Once cardio sessions are maintained over a period of time, the heart gets stronger. This is because it becomes easier for it to pump blood all over the body. All this thanks to the magic of exercising.

Of course, genes are quite important when it comes to the development of heart complications. People who have a history of heart disease in their families are more likely to develop heart issues. However, with a good diet and lots of exercises, genes start to lose their power.

A Sedentary Lifestyle

Many people lead sedentary lifestyles that hardly present them with the time and opportunities to work out. As much as this is true, everyone is capable of achieving their workout targets once they create the time. Health needs to be taken as seriously as we prioritize every other aspect of our lives.

To lead healthier lives, we need to clear our schedules and find time to exercise

For newbies, working out may seem like the hardest thing to do in the world. A good way to ensure that exercising gets developed as a hobby is to work out with friends and relatives. Most of us have that competitive edge at everything we do. When working out with people we know, we may find ourselves pushing ourselves harder just to impress upon those familiar to us.

Pushing the limits is quite okay as long as we don’t overdo it. For those who are middle-aged, it would be prudent to first consult with a physician right before the onset of intense workout sessions. Getting off the keyboard and couch are the bare minimums. Lacing up those sports shoes and hitting the road for a couple of miles is all it takes. A strong willpower is where the strongest of hearts reside.

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