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Doctor Says Exercise Remains Vital To Weight Loss

One sentiment about weight loss that has gotten so popular is that exercise is not so important to a weight loss journey. A lot of people even believe that weight loss is solely about diet and so people who want to shed weight should not bother about exercise. There have been different articles to this effect, supported with data from different studies to back up the theories.

A doctor has, however, stated that the notion is an erroneous one. The doctor, David Prologo, noted that for ten years and counting, he has been studying those that failed in their attempts to lose weight. His research examines how several people start their weight loss journey but eventually quit.

His study found that exercise is an activity common among those who have been able to continue their weight loss journey. Specifically, he found that 90% of those who shed obvious weight and also maintain their weight loss are those who exercise for an average of one hour per day.

Truth About Weight Loss

Prologo examined the origin of the myth about exercise being ineffective and also gave his opinions about the impact of exercise on weight loss.

First, he noted that exercising to lose weight is considered important in the weight loss journey because a lot of people are looking for a quick weight loss regime. That is exactly what producers in the diet industry for weight loss capitalize on because they are aware that their consumers want an instantaneous solution.

A lot of studies have revealed that exercising changes the composition of the body, alters the food you prefer and helps resting metabolism. The effects have remained consistent and unchanged over time, but most people turn a blind eye to those effects and instead opt for a diet that seeks to cleanse their bodies in less than a week. In addition, a lot of people consider exercising for an hour per day an unreasonable and unachievable feat and so opt for the seemingly easy way.

Second, nutritionists and doctors have not really helped in making people understand the connection that exists between exercising and diet. It is important that people are made to understand that exercise directly alters their diet implying that it is easier for them to make healthier food choices after some time when they begin to exercise. In the absence of exercise, it is usually difficult to sustain an alteration of diet.

Another myth about exercise is based on a person’s limited capacity. People started to see exercise in an unpleasant light after different studies stated that obese and overweight people want to lose weight but have only limited exercising ability.

Most of the studies mentioned that it is not possible for them to lose weight within a reasonable period of time. The popular analogy used is that asking those people to exercise is like trying to drain a pool of water using just a small plastic cup. According to the studies, the amount of weight they can lose is so little and so exercise isn’t necessary in their weight loss journey. That conclusion gained quick popularity.

The issue with this analogy is that it doesn’t put into consideration the fact that people can always change their exercise capacity. With an increase in the exercise capacity of a person who is originally sedentary, the person’s ability to shed weight through exercise experiences dramatical changes. Prologo noted that as soon as a person reaches a particular level of exercise capacity, they begin to find the idea of exercising more pleasant than it was when they started.

Importance of Exercise

Thus, the notion that exercise has no effects on weight loss is nothing but a myth. It is very possible for you to lose weight by exercising and you should actually make it an important component of your weight loss journey. It is true that abruptly restricting your calorie intake will help in weight reduction, but that is just for a short period of time. However, it is quite difficult to keep up with the restriction on a long-term basis and most people quit altogether or regain the weight they lost.

Thus, exercise, as well as the alteration of your exercise capacity from the onset, help to make healthier food choices. In the long run, it will contribute to weight loss significantly and also help to maintain your new weight.

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