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Eat These Foods At Dinner To Lose Weight!

The US Declaration of Independence boldly asserts all men are created equally. In the nutritionists’ world, things aren’t that rosy. According to scientists, not all calories are created equally.

To eat healthily, we need to have an understanding of just how different foods react to our metabolism. Intake of similar amounts of calories from different food sources can have varied impact on hormones, hunger and how many calories we burn.

After a gruesome day of work and school one may feel famished and fall to the temptation of ordering unhealthy takeout food. To remedy such temptations, we suggest preparing in advance what to cook for dinner. We’ve prepared a handy list of options to think about.


Leafy Greens

By eating more greens, we can directly influence the rest of the food we consume by making smarter choices

Foods like spinach, kale and swiss chards contain properties that make them ideal for weight loss. Their composition entails low amounts of carbohydrates and calories. They are however rich in fiber.

Research has shown consumption of leafy greens (even in large amounts) helps people in eating fewer calories during the following hours. This is because of their low energy composition.

Aside from the low energy constituent, leafy greens are very nutritious as they feature an assortment of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Key among the antioxidants is calcium which has been shown to be at the forefront of fat burning, according to several studies.



Salmon is also known to contain large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial in preventing metabolic infections, inflammation and obesity

Eating oily fish is an incredible way to stay healthy. By partaking in a salmon meal one is sure to feel satisfied for a couple of hours. All this with a minimal uptake of calories.

Seafood generally contains large doses of iodine that aids in the operation of thyroids in our bodies. Thus, it plays a role in ensuring that our metabolism runs optimally. Salmon comes packed with healthy fats, nutrients and the ever-important body building protein. Since seafood is generally healthy and palatable, there are other options to try out like sardines, trout, mackerels and herrings.


Whole Eggs

Eggs are termed, as being nutrient dense due to a large number of proteins found in their composition with most of the nutritious content is stored in the yolk

Whole eggs are wholesome. They are one of the best foods that are guaranteed to help one lose weight. Their composition entails healthy fats and lots of protein. What’s even better is that they make us feel full even with their low-calorie composition.


Beans and Legumes

Foods like kidney beans, black beans and lentils are of great benefit for someone looking to lose weight. They come packed with lots of fiber and protein. Combining these two nutrients is a sure way for one to become easily satiated with food.



Avocados have a uniqueness to them. This is because unlike most fruits, they contain many healthy fats in their composition and a low amount of carbohydrates. They share a similar constituent as olive oil called monounsaturated oleic acid. They also contain essential nutrients like potassium and fiber.

Due to their high fat composition, one would be forgiven to think that they are energy dense. The truth is, not at all, this is because they contain a lot of water, and thus, they are not as dense. Most people like to eat avocados in salads since their fat composition boosts nutrient uptake with other vegetables by 15 fold.

More Protein!

Protein is the single most important macronutrient anyone should be consuming to lose weight. Consumption of proteins helps in the reduction of cravings by up to sixty percent and is a sure fire way to enhance metabolism.

By focusing on consumption of protein as a way to lose weight, one can greatly benefit since it sticks around even after we abandon our weight loss regimen.

On the other hand, oils and refined carbs are the ones responsible for weight gain, especially around the belly.  Consumption of foods like vegetables, fruits and protein helps in achieving weight loss.

Parting Shot

Knowing the benefits of eating the aforementioned foods should come in handy in combating hunger pangs whilst helping us stay in shape. We can lose weight and still feel full from the consumption of such foods.

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