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Vitamin Supplements Are Safer Than You Thought- Busting Major Myths

You don’t need a masterclass in biology to understand the importance of nutrients for the human body. To perform key functions, our body requires vital micro and macro-nutrients. Our organism does not produce these nutrients naturally. Hence, we procure them from the food that we consume. Nutritionists focus on the importance of healthy foods for this specific purpose.

However, maintaining a healthy diet is much more difficult than it sounds. The world has become so busy that fast food restaurants are the go-to for the majority of us. Unfortunately, due to this, we are unable to consume the number of nutrients that our body requires to stay healthy.

Vitamin supplements become especially important in this case for us to ensure that we stay healthy. Supplements can provide us with the vitamins that we require including Vitamin D, C, and A.

Unsplash | Vitamin supplements provide essential vitamins to the body

Are vitamin supplements safe?

Vitamin supplements are absolutely safe. Just take into account that, like everything else, we need to make sure to not overdo it. Also, even if you are taking supplements, you need to make sure that you maintain a healthy diet as well. Refrain from self-prescribing and always consult a doctor for your supplements. While supplements can be very beneficial, not all of them are suitable for your body.

Busting the Myths

Myth #1: You don’t need to maintain a healthy diet if you are taking supplements

Incorrect! As stated before, maintaining a healthy diet is essential. If your body is capable of gaining essential vitamins in natural ways, why would you go for artificial methods? Vitamin supplements fill in the gaps and provide vitamins that are hard for your body to get.


Unsplash | Even while taking supplements, it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet

Myth #2: It is not possible to overdose on vitamin supplements

It is absolutely possible to overdose on supplements. Excess of anything is bad, vitamin supplements included. Consuming more vitamins than your body requires can cause harm to your vital organs.

Myth #3: Supplements are just like medicines

Incorrect! Supplements might be in tablet form, but they are not medicines. Medicines treat or cure illnesses, specifically speaking. On the other hand, supplements provide your body with essential vitamins that it lacks.

Myth #4: You should take supplements on an empty stomach

You can take supplements at any time. However, some evidence suggests that taking supplements on an empty stomach can cause nausea. For fat-soluble vitamins, it is impossible to consume food containing fat before taking the supplement.

Unsplash | Always consult your doctor before taking vitamin supplements

Myth #5: You should take all your supplements together

Never take your supplements together! Some nutrients often stop other nutrients from being absorbed into the body. Also, not all supplements complement each other. Always consult your doctor when taking multiple vitamins together.

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