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Box Your Way To Fitness With Denzel Washington

Malcolm X and Training Day are just a few of the movies starred by Denzel Washington. At his age, many people really cannot keep up with his fitness routine as it is robust and rigorous. The 60-year-old does a 10-round workout boxing session at least five days per week, a good exercise yes, but one that you have to bend your mind to stick with. But at the end of the day, it is a great way to build muscle strength, keep a firm stability, burn fat and also a good aerobic exercise. Whether you decide to go to a gym or build your own home center, trying this plan would be a great idea.

 The technique involves a routine procedure – the reason why so many celebrities do boxing – that sees you doing an intense 3 minutes of the workout then alternate with a minute to cool your heart rate then, at it again. This cool trick can burn off anywhere from 400-1,000 calories! We have compiled two effective workout plans you can use when doing boxing:   

 1. UFC Power Punches

This calls for full strength to be in play as the activities involved requires your entire body to be at work. The routine has six 3-minutes round with 1-minute interval rest time. It includes:

Warming up and hitting the punching bag at 50 percent strength rate to flex your muscles and get you prepared.
Second round should see you going full force with your punches (same timing with intervals).
Combination: Jab, throw a cross (repeat)
Combination: Jab, cross, hook (repeat)
Combination: Jab, cross, hook, uppercut (repeat)
Combination: Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, body punch (repeat)
Whew! Felt like we were on the battlefield just now!

2. Punch With A Beat

For this routine, music will play an important part as each beat will come with a jab, punch, cross kick and uppercut. For best results, play to the tune of a fast-paced rhythm that will increase your ability to burn fat more effectively. This procedure will help to tone your shoulders, core, and back and also help to keep a more consistent punch rate. A minimum of 4-5 songs will do the job with each having a different beat to change your actions and give your body flexibility.

For excellent results, do workout plan number 1 with routine number 2 strategy.

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