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These Hollywood Stars Are Richer Than You Think

Clint Eastwood – $375 Million

Talk about the most prolific actors of Hollywood and you will always find Clint Eastwood on the list. Ever since he appeared in television’s Rawhide, he has had a thrilling career and is counted among one of the busiest stars of the industry. His success is not just limited to on-screen work as he has also proved his flair in filmmaking and production for which he has received multiple prestigious awards and nominations. Take into account Clint’s acting and directing endeavors that gross millions at the box-office and you will understand how the star has built an empire worth $375 million.

Paris Hilton – $300 Million

Paris Hilton is the modern day ultimate heiress and belongs to one of the wealthiest families of America and even without her heiress title Hilton has had a very successful modeling career. She has given appearances in a number of films and reality TV shows. Her glorious career and super-rich background has allowed the 38-year-old to boost a whopping $300 million in net worth. So it is safe to say that Paris has always a smooth life in regard to money and finances.

Ariana Grande – $50 Million

This sweet looking singer is seriously rich and has even dropped hints about it in her famous song 7 Rings. From being a Nickelodeon star to an internationally acclaimed singing artist, Ariana has been on an accomplishing career journey which has brought her several other perks alongside fame. Through all these years, she has collected heaps of money which comes from the sales of album copies, successful world tours, a fragrance collaboration with LUXE Brands and endorsement deals. As of now, Ariana’s net worth has reached $50 million which is undoubtedly a great deal of achievement for a 25-year-old.

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