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These Hollywood Stars Are Richer Than You Think

Brie Larson – $10 Million

Brie Larson has been breaking the internet ever since she appeared as Carol Danvers in trailers of Captain Marvel. Starting a career even before turning 10, she became a part of several television shows and films like Raising Dad and 21 Jump Street. It was the central role in Short Term 12 that brought her to the limelight and portrayal of an abduction victim in Room that gained her the status of an Academy Award winner. Brie’s impressive career journey so far has not only made her popular but also considerably rich and with the release of her upcoming superhero movie, she is all set to get wealthier!


Marie Osmond – $20 Million

Marie Osmond became a familiar name in the entertainment world after the release of her cover of popular song Paper Roses which brought her instant fame. Since then she has had a versatile career as a singer, actress, designer and author which has enabled her to amass a net worth of $20 million. Being a successful country artist, most parts of Marie’s wealth came from tours and album sales. Apart from this, she has also made a considerable amount of money through endorsements – all thanks to her gorgeous looks. And given her active music career, we assume her fortune to grow even bigger.


Judge Judy Sheindlin – $400 Million

Amazing as it may sound but acclaimed star ‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin is worth almost $400 million! Thanks to her courtroom reality show, she has set a record in 2018 where she made a salary that is three times the amount she took home the previous year. And now with a huge $147 million that she made in a single year, Sheindlin’s fortune has grown like anything. Having said that – she is now the highest paid television host with more than 10 million viewers. Great! We can now take some money-making tips from her!

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