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THESE Medical Miracles Are Unbelievable! Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Good Health Insurance For Your Loved Ones

There are more than 6 billion human beings on the planet, and while each one of them is special in his or her own way, there are some remarkable individuals that are definitely a cut above the rest. If you are studying to be a doctor, chances are you may come across one such individual in your life. These extraordinarily bizarre medical miracles that you are about to witness are living across the planet. Some were born with their rare medical conditions while others became the victims of medical malpractice and lawyered up against their physicians. Sadly, most of them can’t get a proper health insurance plan, but they hold some of the most bizarre (and unwanted by many) world records. Check out the most amazing medical miracles in existence.

Lakshmi Tatma – The Octo Girl

Born in a rural village in India, Lakshmi Tatma is a girl who was born with eight limbs, four of which are functioning limbs she controls and an additional four which belong to a fused twin that never developed a head in the womb. Her parents did not have any life insurance, but thankfully, a panel of doctors decided to take their case. In 2007, the panel conducted a long but successful surgery and removed all of the extra limbs Lakshmi had. She is now living a normal life.

Lucy Betts – Her Skin Can Kill Her

Lucy Betts, 18 years old, is the oldest living human with harlequin ichthyosis, a condition that causes the body to produce very hard and thick skin. This condition is fatal since the rigidity of skin causes infections and interferes with blood flow. Lucy has to scrub her skin off every single day to avoid complications.

Michele Koebke – The Human Hourglass

This is Michele Koebke, a German model and a corset enthusiast (apparently that’s a thing, lol). She holds the record of having the smallest waist in the world that measures just 40 centimeters, without having any surgery. So how did she achieve the figure every woman in the world would die for? By wearing a specially designed corset at all times for 3 consecutive YEARS. Even though she already has the smallest waist in the world, she plans on shrinking it even further. Doctors have already warned her that further shrinking of her waist could prove lethal. No wonder she can’t secure a life insurance plan.

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