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The Most Luxurious Mansions Of The Rich And Famous Celebrities

Brie Larson – Los Angeles, California

Brie Larson has been making the audiences fall in love with her ever since she gave the award-winning performance in 2015’s kidnapping drama Room. Although she was born in Sacramento, it is the dreamy city of Los Angeles where this actress was brought up and now she lives in a hillside neighborhood of Hollywood. Currently enjoying her fame as Captain Marvel, Brie totally loves her home city which is surrounded by mountains, vineyards, and beaches. The way she is climbing the success ladder, it’s not very far that she will be moving into a mega mansion!


Ree Drummond – Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Ree Drummond became a household name in America after her cooking show The Pioneer Woman turned out a massive hit on television. In most cases where success and fame lead to buying a big fancy home, it’s Ree’s ranch house that has brought her more popular than her blogging and food writing career. The country-house which is located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, gives a perfect feel of the Native American culture and is quite famous among the visitors who love the view of cows grazing in the open fields making it look just like a cowboy movie set.


Ron Howard – $27.5 Million, Connecticut

Prior to becoming an award-winning filmmaker, Ron Howard was best known for his depiction of Opie Taylor in the famous comedy series The Andy Griffith Show. Howard went on to become a renowned director in his later years as he gave films like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. Being super successful, this celebrity owned a mega-mansion in Conyers Farm of Connecticut which offers a breathtaking lake view and gives a feel like that of a fairytale scene. We wonder how emotional it would have been for the family to move out of this incredible dream house which was sold for a whopping $27.5 million!

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