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The Most Luxurious Houses of the Rich and Famous

Michael Phelps – $2.5 Million, Scottsdale

When you are one of the most accomplished swimmers in the world, you can very well invest some money in a luxurious lifestyle. Michael Phelps has accomplished almost everything a swimmer can accomplish during his active career, so there is no wonder why he treated himself with an impressive property located in Scottsdale. The house is situated on 6,000 square feet of land and features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a modern kitchen, spacious dining area, and guest area. Finally, the human fish can do his favorite exercise through his nice swimming pool.

 Johnny Carson – Malibu, California

The famous TV personality Johnny Carson used to live in this gorgeous state of the art and close to nature mansion in Malibu, California. The house is on the market for $65 Million and you will never believe how incredible the home is especially from the inside. The large main house only had one bedroom however a guest house across the street has accommodations for guests. Apart from the gorgeous locality, the main attraction of the house is the pool area and the tennis court. The house is now owned by businessman Sidney Kimmel who is selling it as we speak.

Brie Larson – Los Angeles, California

Brie Larson has been making the audiences fall in love with her ever since she gave the award-winning performance in 2015’s kidnapping drama Room. Although she was born in Sacramento, it is the dreamy city of Los Angeles where this actress was brought up and now she lives in a hillside neighborhood of Hollywood. Currently enjoying her fame as Captain Marvel, Brie totally loves her home city which is surrounded by mountains, vineyards, and beaches. The way she is climbing the success ladder, it’s not very far that she will be moving into a mega mansion!

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