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Frozen In Time – For These Celebrities Time Had An Extremely Positive Effect On Their Look, We Just Can’t Stop Smiling!

Hollywood is everything but predictable! Every day a new star comes to the spotlight, and while some of them just become one-hit wonders, many others continue to entertain us for several decades.

As we see some of our favorite celebrities grow old with time, it reminds us of fine wine – the more they age, the more graceful they look. Year after year, their stunning looks keep on surprising us as they go on to prove that beauty can be eternal. Here are some of those gorgeous faces who are the best examples of what is it like to age flawlessly.

Madeline Zima – Born In 1985

Unlike most of the child stars who become a one-movie wonder, Madeline Zima (famous for portraying Grace on CBS’ super popular The Nanny) grew up having a fairly impressive career. The one whom the audiences loved as a child artist is now a stunningly gorgeous woman who still carries the same radiance – the way she did back in the 1990s.

Although Madeline has been more involved in supporting and guest roles in films and TV, we hope to see the alluring actress playing major parts in the days to come. She deserves to be the leading lady after all!

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