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Famous Celebrities Who Are Completely Unrecognizable Without Makeup

We all agree that the faces of Tinseltown just look like a dream every time we see them gracing the red carpets. They sure do! Well, the credit here goes to their best friends (cosmetics or even Photoshop at times) that have the power to transform a normal-looking person into a star within a matter of minutes.

While some of them are equally stunning in their natural skin, you may have a tough time recognizing the others without the layers of glitz they apply to their face almost every day. So, let’s get started to make some important discoveries about our favorite Hollywood hotties!

 Jessica Alba: $350M, Dark Angel

She is on the way to 40 already? And we thought Jessica Alba is still in her mid-twenties! It seems like yesterday when the gorgeous (and equally gifted performer) rose to stardom through Dark Angel. When it comes to wearing make-up, you might have noticed that Jessica always keeps it minimal, and why not?

She has such great skin that she hardly needs any coating to look good. No wonder many of the top magazines such as Vanity Fair and Men’s Health have recognized her as one of the prettiest women in the world.

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