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Celebrity Cars, Yachts & Jets – Master

The perks of being a celebrity and being rich are endless – the list just goes on and on. Their status and massive net worth enable them to make their lives as comfortable as they desire; even their travels are so luxurious that no normal person could ever get there, even with years of hard work. Forget the cruise and business class accommodations because these stars are taking jet-setting to a whole new level. Bring in the red carpet and mimosa, because we’ll fly you to these A-listers’ most expensive celebrity toys, i.e., their luxury cars, private jets and of course their yachts!

Ariana Grande – Range Rover, Estimated At $100K

Considering the huge popularity and success of Ariana Grande, it’s a bit surprising that the star singer does not believe in owning a fleet of cars. The only two cars that she owns include a Range Rover and a Mercedes E Class Cabriolet – both white in color. Out of the two, she is mostly seen traveling in her bigger four-wheeler which seems to be her favorite. Perhaps she doesn’t have multiple drives, but one thing is for sure – she should get full points for her choice while picking these two luxuries.

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