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Celebrity Cars, Yachts & Jets – Master

The perks of being a celebrity and being rich are endless – the list just goes on and on. Their status and massive net worth enable them to make their lives as comfortable as they desire; even their travels are so luxurious that no normal person could ever get there, even with years of hard work. Forget the cruise and business class accommodations because these stars are taking jet-setting to a whole new level. Bring in the red carpet and mimosa, because we’ll fly you to these A-listers’ most expensive celebrity toys, i.e., their luxury cars, private jets and of course their yachts!

Michael Caine – Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, estimated at $66K

Coming from a poor family of South London, buying a Rolls Royce was no less than a dream for the young Michael. He once shared in an interview that during the years he was growing up, World War II was still going on and cars were a rare sight. And it was not that Sir Caine bought his four-wheeled-luxury right after he rose to fame. In fact, he got a driving license at the age of 50 when he first splurged on a yellow-colored motor. He later owned another drive “Silver Spirit” from the same brand. However, this British icon has now sold his fancy machines as he left driving.

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