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Best Reality TV Judges: Most Of Them Have A Higher Credit Card Limit & Heftier Life Insurance Plan From Film Stars

Reality show competitions and judges work hand in hand to look for the best aspirant. Without a critique, it’s going to be hard to pick out which aspirant really deserves the golden spot. Watching these reality show competitions gets more interesting with the judges’ diverse personalities and styles. When American Idol first aired back in 2003, viewers were hooked by the chemistry and interactions of the three main panelists of the show, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell.  With the help of these judges, American Idol was reviewed as “The Most Impactful Show in The History of Television”. The same goes for competitions like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and X Factor where judges have played a big part in making these shows worthwhile investments for the networks. Here’s a compiled list of reality show competition judges where you’ll find the bluntest and the most controversial judges in television history!

Simon Cowell – American Idol

The judges of American Idol have always changed over the years but there’s always Simon, every season, armed with his scathing comments and powerful glare. Can you blame him? The man is certainly an expert at his job. Although he receives hate from time to time, Simon really does have his way of knowing when someone is going to turn out great. Remember how he predicted Carrie Underwood’s success from her first audition? He even proudly made a statement that Carrie’s music would sell more records than anybody else. His prediction turned out to be right as Carrie won on Season 4 of American Idol.

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