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Astonishing Celebrity Houses – We Hope They Have a Really Good Home Insurance!

Are you ready to see celebrities’ dream houses from a whole new perspective? We definitely are. These houses you are going to see today are something we ordinary mortals can only dream of having since our bank accounts are not that loaded to afford these fairytale mansions. Also, we have high mortgage rates to think about. However, when you belong to the world of the rich and famous, you can easily invest in a beautiful mansion with staggering home insurance. Let’s have a look at a parade of jaw-dropping celebrity houses that will leave you with hypertension and have you seeking medical treatment for their unbelievable look, features, and price tag.

Tiger Woods – $60 Million, Florida

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers in history. After his messy public divorce from Elin Nordegren, he decided to have some privacy; and what better way to do that than to spend time on your own island. Tiger is the proud owner of an island estate that he acquired for $60 million. His Jupiter Island mansion located in Florida is one plush mansion which includes his private golf course, running track, and plenty of living space. He sure hired a great divorce attorney, as he was able to afford his own Florida paradise.

Eddie Murphy – $85 Million, Hollywood Hills

After his 1997 legal issues and perhaps many hours spent with a family counseling therapist, American comedian Eddie Murphy decided to move to the next chapter in his life and settle down. The comedian purchased his Hollywood Hills mansion for $20 million. Later, he had made extensive renovations on the house, so after the makeover, the value went up to $85 million, The mansion includes bedrooms, nine baths, swimming pools, a huge guest area, tennis court, and spa.

Katy Perry – $4 Million, L.A.

Award-winning singer Katy Perry always manages to surprise us with her new songs. She never fails to wow her audience each time she performs on stage, so we sometimes wonder what skincare treatment or supplements she uses. But perhaps what also makes her lovely, glowing, and inspired is her Los Angeles mansion which she bought for only $4 million. We say ‘only’ since the house is located on a huge, 4,7000-square-foot of a property with a lot of living space and private beach. Well, if we have this house, we would definitely be more than pleased, too.

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