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Famous Celebrities Who Like Riding A Bicycle For Fitness

When it comes to physical fitness, celebrities can always go an extra mile, literally! And they cover this extra mile riding a bicycle. Stars like Gerard Butler, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Heidi Klum, Goldie Hawn, and many others can be often spotted pushing those pedals on the streets. They might do it as an exercise or maybe for supporting environment cleanliness, but they are surely inspiring their millions of fans to get on this two-wheeled fun ride.

Not only it’s a convenient way to get around the neighborhood, but it also forms a great exercise. For those who want to burn calories, it’s rather an affordable option than to getting enrolled in a fitness center. Unlike running, cycling is a low-impact activity that also works as a cardio exercise that can be done at any age (some of the celebrities we just mentioned are in their 70s).

Prince Harry

When in the Netherlands, get on a bike! At least Prince Harry took that seriously. On his recent visit to the Dutch country, the Duke didn’t miss a chance to have some fun by spinning the pedals.

Gerard Butler

The Scottish actor likes to keep it stylish even when he is riding a bicycle around the New York streets. A perfect ten for that look!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

70 is just a number! Once a famous bodybuilder, the action film icon still likes to go cycling around the town.

Heidi Klum

The supermodel works out for sure, but her main focus is to stay active rather than putting her body through extremely tough routines that end up having to rest for long because of over-exercising. She says that many of her friends work crazy hard at the gym, and then there is always some or other problem hitting their knees or back. For her, it’s more important to keep moving rather than working out hard.

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