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Celebrities Who Happily Dumped Their Diets

Ashley Graham

We just adore Ashley for that badass attitude and the way she embraces her body the way it is. Still, there was a time when the famous model followed a yo-yo diet – only to realize later that it was not the best option for her health. As of now, she is absolutely comfortable in her skin and does not burden herself with any guilt that surrounds a relaxed eating approach.

Anne Hathaway

A decade ago, The Intern’s Jules or Anne Hathaway switched to veganism but instead of feeling better, she admitted not feeling strong after turning to the diet. Thanks to her co-star Matt Damon, the actress is back to her meat-eating days, and no more restricts herself back from enjoying food.

Camila Mendes

When Camila Mendes broke the chains of her anxiety because of the pressure of dieting and maintaining a thin body, she let the whole world know of her thoughts about the change. Now, the 24-year-old actress lives with a belief that if you have a healthy body, it’s just ideal for you, no matter what others perceive.

Kristen Bell

Though she is a fan of veganism, Kristen Bell converted into a vegetarian after feeling a need for bonus calories during her pregnancy. For the star, it’s of much importance to be aware of whatever stuff goes inside her body regardless of the diet she follows.

Savannah Guthrie

There may be many celebrities who can’t stop praising keto diet, but for NBC’s star anchor Savannah Guthrie, it’s something she would not like to give a second try. Seven weeks after following the eating plan, the journalist realized that carbs were essential to staying energetic during her workouts. Moreover, it didn’t help her in losing weight either.

Demi Lovato

When it comes to body-positivity and discussing personal struggles about addiction or eating disorders, Demi Lovato has emerged as a role model for many. Like several other celebs, she gave up dieting and does not deprive herself of treats. Even if it means putting on a few extra pounds, the singer wants to live stress-free – at least when it’s related to food. Good call, Demi!

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