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Alex Rodriguez On Losing 6.5lbs In Just Two Days For Met Gala 2019

Met Gala 2019 just happened and with celebrities having made those flamboyant appearances, the event has given enough reasons to people to remember it for months to come. For Jennifer Lopez’s beau Alex Rodriguez, though, it will remain extra memorable as he lost 6.5 pounds to achieve a lean look for the Gala. And, all that in just 48 hours!

Being a former sports professional, strict diets and tough workouts are not new to the baseball star but then keeping up with fashion can be crucially demanding sometimes. This time, it was a pink tuxedo that made him do all the sweat shedding stuff so that he could fit into a couple of sizes smaller than his actual one.

The outfit that Alex sported at the Met Gala was a Versace number selected by his lady love, and all that he had to do to flaunt it was – be on an extreme diet (almost like starving) clubbed with an intense fitness session. The MLB player did hot yoga twice a day, ran the stairs for a whole hour – all of this with a hungry stomach (being J Lo’s fiancé is no joke, after all!).

In a hilarious confession, Alex shared that even after doing the crazy stuff, he was doubtful about fitting into the Versace suit that was chosen to match with the metallic look of his stunning partner. As much as he made it sound funny, he didn’t mention to forget how much he missed eating steak at that time (we completely understand that!). The former Texas Ranger finally marked success on that mission and also joked about the enormous army of 69 stylists who were there to help Jennifer get ready for the day. Well, A-Rod certainly has a great sense of humor, and we’re sure the lady will keep having countless laughter sessions in the years to come.

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