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What Do You See First? The Answer Reveals Your Inner Feelings

We often come across questions like ‘How are you doing?’, ‘Are you fine?’ and ‘Is everything okay’? from people around us. Mostly, these come from those who carry a concern about our well-being, but sometimes even if it is genuine, we find it difficult to answer just because we are unsure of our own feelings and the reason behind feeling a certain way.

To solve that puzzle, there are several personality tests and quizzes available on the internet that claim to decode the mystery behind different personalities and moods of people. One such trick is known as optical illusions that basically merge two separate pictures into one image in a seamless way. Why is it called so? Because what one person sees may not match with the observation of someone else.

For example, check out this image. What is the first thing you noticed?

Remember one thing, there’s no correct or incorrect answer to this question. It’s just that whichever image grabs your attention first explains the way you feel deep inside.

Did you see this: A female with her head down and hands on the neck?

If that’s what you saw first, you might be struggling with your confidence. Probably you have been thinking about making substantial decisions in your life, but the fear of taking a chance is something that’s stopping you. Don’t worry, you can figure it out with your solution-finding skills and creativity.

Or this: A large skull?

In this case, it seems like you are blessed with strong leadership skills and your strength lies within yourself. You are someone who does not get threatened by any challenge that comes your way and always ready to conquer them with a ‘bring-it-on’ attitude.

So, did you find it relatable? At least you might have had fun, didn’t you?

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