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Perfectly Timed Photos That Can’t Be Ignored – #9 Will Make You Shiver!

The art of photography has gifted us with some amazing photographs, from magical landscapes and wild animals to unforgettable events and snaps from faraway places. Professional photographers work hard for their pictures, but sometimes, all that you need to make a unique shot is just perfect timing. Timing can give you stunning results, and these pictures will show you that if you time your picture correctly, you can make a lot of people laugh. Other times though, everything happens accidentally, with the outcome being just as fantastic. Let’s take a look at the most fascinating pictures whose timing has taken them to a whole new level.

Guardian Angel

We often imagine firefighters as heroes or guardian angels who would sacrifice their life for everyone’s well-being, and this perfectly timed photo comes right from our imagination. Depicting a firefighter in Peru, who accidentally got some wings of his own, it’s safe to say that the photographer did a good job of capturing an image which describes our view of firefighters. Putting their own lives on the line, firefighters are often unsung heroes, who are not afraid to “spread their wings” and fly anywhere people need them.

Divine Tree

This picture was uploaded on Reddit by a photographer which came with the username “LeGaffe,” leaving people dumbfounded. Combining the sun’s light, the rain, and a beautiful tree, he managed to get a fantastic result of how nature can create the most fascinating images. It looks like some kind of a divine tree, from which all life emanates, just like the sci-fi books we often read. However, this apocalyptic-like tree is 100% real!

A Heavy Load

Have you ever seen a bumblebee so strong that it can carry the Sun itself? Well, it’s possible (at least in a perfectly timed photograph!). This one was captured in Germany by German professional photographer Frank Rumpenhorst. The photo is a part of a series of pictures he took revolving around his home country’s nature and weather. It creates a beautiful metaphor, in which a tiny bug has the godly strength to carry a whole star!

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