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Little Millionaires: You Won’t Believe How Much These Child Stars Get Paid Today

We’ve all heard of the child stars on this list at some time or another. They’re the kids who made us chuckle to our favorite TV shows, or maybe they’ve starred in classic films. All these familiar names have earned big bucks earlier on and we’re here now to see how they’ve been. Some have hit rock bottom, but others have soared to the skies! There are also those who’ve started to use anti-aging products and those who don’t care about looking older. Keep reading to spot your favorites and find out just how much net worth they’ve accumulated since you first fell for them!

Dakota Fanning – $16 million

It may be hard to believe, but this lady began working when she was still in her diapers! Dakota Fanning kicked off her career in a kiddie’s clothing catalog at the age of 18 months. Her big break came later in the film called I Am Sam. After the movie, she started charging an impressive $4 million per film! She was also a model for Marc Jacobs and The Gap, and because of her success as a kid, she could already afford to pay for her own credit card bills even back then!

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