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Celebs With Their Super-Exotic Pets – Some Of Them Are Worth More Than Your House

Hollywood celebs live lavishly because they’ve got the money to blow off on the luxuries we can only dream of. Most celebrities on our list had a net worth of millions of dollars and sky-reaching credit scores. But they blew all of their fortunes on bizarre things. Gilbert Arenas, the champ with a $111 million contract went bankrupt after squandering his fortune on building a luxurious pool which included a shark tank. These celebrities went broke, and their lawyers had to work hard to control the damage. They even spent piles of cash on their exotic pets’ lavish upkeep and crazy vet bills. We are not very sure if anybody of them needed mental health services later.

Paris Hilton, Chihuahua – $8,000

Most will have a hard time paying for a mortgage that’s half of Chihuahua’s worth. Of course, with a net worth of $100 million and a father who owns a chain of expensive hotels, anything is possible. Socialite Paris Hilton called her first beloved Chihuahua “Tinkerbell”. Tinkerbell stayed with Paris for more than 14 years. The trendsetting Paris spent a lot, adorning the dog with custom-made tutus, dog jewelry, and more. Paris now has a big pooch family with posh names like Peter Pan, Dollar, Prince Baby Bear, and Prince Paris Jr. These dogs live in an air-conditioned doggy mansion, so yeah, they’re living large. She dropped $8K without thinking twice to buy this adorable little creature and recently took to social media when she couldn’t decide what to name it. Only a few can think about spending such a big amount on health insurance. But then, it’s none other than Paris Hilton.

Nicolas Cage, Octopus – $150,000

Oscar winner Nicolas Cage used to have a full bank account and own expensive mansions and luxurious yachts, expensive health insurance plans apart. But his financial advisors soon told him that he was burning more money than he was making. Eventually, Cage went bankrupt, and now we see him in B-grade movies that go straight to video. Of course, buying an exotic and over-priced octopus for a shocking $150,000 contributed to his current poor financial state.

Justin Bieber, Monkey – $5,000

If you’re a “Belieber”, we’re sure you know everything about Justin’s pet monkey. Bieber named his beloved pet monkey Mally. He got the innocent-looking capuchin for a speculated $5,000. For a guy who owns luxury yachts and a private jet, that amount is, well, nothing. Unfortunately, back in 2013, German customs officials seized Mally when Bieber took him to Germany despite being told not to bring the monkey him. Bieber had a rock solid credit score with a net worth of $225 million, so he can buy a whole zoo and an animal hospital if he wants. Thankfully, he settled on getting himself two beautiful dogs named Esther and Phil.

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