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Celebs And Their Parents At The Same Age – They Probably Used The Same Anti Aging Products Across Generations

Having celeb parents is truly a matter of luck, particularly if one has to survive the harsh odds of life. So what if the birth of a celeb child was characterized by controversies or the evidence of a DNA test to confirm the same?  At an age where stars pose for every item, including hair products, plastic surgeries and more, it doesn’t really matter whether they hold on to the hands of the mom and dad. After all, they earned the work, not because of the parents, but simply the fact that they resembled them! Hollywood has learned to handpick the best of artists, so it’s convenient when someone ends up looking like another famous face. And even if their parents would gather all the funds to help the retirement planning right from birth, it would all prove futile in front of what they get. You just need to ask them about this!

John David Washington & Denzel Washington

Initially, he was doing his own thing, but the way he failed in UFL made him changed his mind and of course, career track. Denzel’s son still has a long way to go, but good that he’s on the correct path. Known for the role of Rocky Jerret in ‘Ballers’, the HBO series, we are certain he will do justice to his father’s name as much as the physique and jawline of the noted Hollywood actor. Now, getting the approval from daddy we hope won’t be a big issue, for he won’t always be there to add to the son’s finances and that isn’t right either.

Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds At Age 23

Debbie was one woman who was recognized internationally as an actress, singer and businesswoman par excellence. But if there was anything that defined her truly was being the mother of Carrie Fisher, the American actress, and writer. Even she walked in the footsteps of her mother and made a superb career, besides adding to her finances. Sadly, she died tragically in 2016, followed by Debbie a year later.

Jamie Lee Curtis & Janet Leigh At Age 20

So what if American actress and dancer Janet had left for her heavenly abode in 2004? Besides leaving a mark of her own, her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis has kept her legacy and fame alive. That astounding performance of Janet in ‘Psycho’ and then the daughter, Jamie’s role in several horror movies (even earning that famous title ‘Scream Queen’) go on to show the resemblance between the mother and daughter. Needless to say, the duo has earned satisfactorily and added to their wealth!

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