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Hilaria Baldwin Is Using A Mild Stretching Routine To Recover From Miscarriage


Fitness expert Hilaria Baldwin is recovering from her miscarriage, and while she’s being extra cautious with her body, she is using light stretching moves to feel better. As she was feeling a little uncomfortable and stiff due to lack of enough physical movement, she found a solution that is light yet effective.

Considering what her body has been through, the 35-year-old wife of actor Alec Baldwin makes sure to be extra gentle with it. A few days ago, Hilaria shared the sad news about losing her unborn baby after going through a scan that confirmed the miscarriage. Though, the yoga instructor already had an idea about something being wrong during one of her previous check-ups.

The experience, of course, was emotionally disturbing for her but she still chose to remain open about it. According to her, being honest about the news was much easier than hiding it. The thought of letting everyone, who might have had a similar experience, know that they are not alone was also something that encouraged her to share the whole incident.

Since then, the fitness guru has been focusing on the blessings that she has in the form of her family consisting of her husband and their four kids (three sons and a daughter). Hilaria is sure a strong person, and that reflects from her words when she said that it is important to be emotionally present while going through a loss but at the same time the joyful moments of life should not be forgotten.

In times of sorrow, the gorgeous wife and mother of four likes to remind herself that sadness doesn’t last forever and to remain hopeful about the countless moments of happiness that are still to come. We totally agree with Hilaria when she says that there should be a balance in times of grief – it should not be like it goes unaddressed, neither it should make us forget how amazing life is.

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